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In 25–27 October, Mamun competed at the World Club Championship, the 2013 Aeon Cup in Tokyo, Japan representing team Gazprom (together with teammates Yana Kudryavtseva and junior Yulia Bravikova) won the team gold. In 2014 Season, Mamun began her competitive season competing at the 2014 Moscow Grand Prix where she won the all-around gold medal ahead of teammate Maria Titova, she then won 3 gold medals in the event finals: hoop, ball, clubs and silver in ribbon.

She finished 4th in all-around at the Tashkent World Cup.The couple had been dating for three years when Sukhorukov proposed to the gymnast at the Russian Olympic Ball. As a junior, Rita competed in a number of international tournaments.She competed at the 2005 Miss Valentine Cup in Tartu, Estonia.She is the current Record Holder under the 20-point judging system with the highest All-around total of 77.150 points; which she scored at the 2016 Baku World Cup.At the 2016 Olympic Games, Mamun won the all-around gold setting a new Olympic Record under the 20 point judging system with a total score of 76.483 points, surpassing the previous mark score of Evgenia Kanaeva.