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Browse terms related to - A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A shipping term that indicates the seller pays the freight to the destination.

Title does not pass until the merchandise reaches its destination; thus, the seller assumes all risks, loss, or damage while goods are in transit, except for the liability of the carrier. B.) means it is the buyer's responsibility to select the mode of transporting the goods, choose the specific carrier, handle all claims, and pay all shipping charges.1.

A form of geographical pricing in which the seller quotes prices from the point of shipment. A specialized financial institution engaged in factoring accounts receivable and lending on the security of inventory. A type of commission house that often advances funds to the consignor, identified chiefly with the raw cotton and naval stores trades.

A specialized financial function whereby manufacturers, wholesalers, or retailers sell accounts receivable to financial institutions, including factors, banks, and sales finance companies, often on a nonrecourse basis.

Much of this spending is systematic and stems from natural needs that change as a family unit goes through its natural stages of life.

This commission replaced the Federal Power Commission established in 1920 and is responsible for issuing licenses for the development of water and electrical power and prohibiting operators from restricting output or restraining trade in electrical energy.

This act requires registration of a pesticide before it can be distributed, sold, or offered for sale or shipped or received in any state.

These range from the young single and the newly married stages to the full nest as the children are born and grow, to the empty nest and the final solitary survivor stage.

Each transition prompts changes in values and behavior.