Dating scan holles st

Read More Your baby now weighs nearly 660g and is about 35cm long from crown to heel.

We must be quite similar with dates based on the dates you have been given! She is starting to fill the space in your uterus (womb).

Patients are encouraged to contact the Department’s head office at the RCSI Fetal Medicine Centre at the Rotunda Hospital if any additional assistance is needed.

Please go to the contacts section for individual contact details.

wouldn't mind seeing if we were getting the same pains it might put my mind at ease a bit knowing all is good with you!

I'm sure I'll still be worrying though until my scan and I get proof of a little heartbeat! My eed is august the 1st;) so exicited and scared as it's our first.

Had a winge in the shower today going through a negative outcome in my head, nuts!!Having been through MMC's I don't see any harm in letting some close people around you know you're pregnant from early on. I had a scan last week and everything looked great but the very next day my boobs stopped being sore so I'm back to worrying again. So after 10hrs of waiting,several litres of water drank,numerous trips to the toilet&walking the hallways,finally got to see a doctor.Told a few fibes about a few pains I was having so she scanned me,everythin is fine,heartbeat still there&our baba is moving mad a relief,so now,im "kinda" going to not worry as much,well for another two wks until our datin scan!! You poor thing but at least you know everything is good now. I'm still having back pain and the odd cramp in my lower stomach...Not sure will I tell work the mon before or what to do. Ive still had no sickness,my boobs have now even stopped been sore,hope everythin is ok,starting to freak out a bit!!Hi All, I'm new to this forum but I've been following for a few weeks now and its good to see how everyone is progressing and to compare symptoms. I've two girls and unfortunately have had 4 previous pregnancies end in MMC. Baby CMakes3, I already told my direct manager on Monday because I was just so sick in work that day so spent most of the day in the loo. Larsson So ive been worried with a while so yesterday decided to go to a&e for a scan to make sure everyting was ok.