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But the business reality is that most screenplays are optioned, not sold, and most options end up expiring unexercised. I'd recommend reading this book along with 'Save the Cat' by Blake Snyder.

I'm not a great fan of Snyder's beat sheet approach--I don't think that one size fits all.

So, in my opinion, the cover is somewhat misleading.

, the sisters reportedly spent Sunday night taking in the scary sights at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood alongside Kendall's rumored boyfriend, Blake Griffin, and Kylie's boyfriend (and presumed father of her unborn child), Travis Scott."Kylie and Kendall were both extremely loving and cuddly with their boyfriends," an onlooker told .

There is no secret formal or magic bullet that I--or anyone else--can teach you that will propel you to screenwriting success.

For every successful screenwriter, there is a unique story about how they succeeded.

None of them require a lot of money or the approval of anyone else.

You just need a willingness to do the work and the time to do it. You are not going to sell your screenplay by reading this book.

Notice that all of these "things that successful screenwriters are doing" are things that you could be doing, too.You are going to sell your screenplay by applying the techniques (over and over again) that I teach you in this book. A pretty good book with some practical advice on what to do after you finish your screenplay and before you send out query letters, and some pretty good example query letters.The author's point is well-taken: Nobody is sitting in Hollywood waiting to read your screenplay--producers, directors, and agents are barraged with spec scripts from would-be screenwriters, most of which are awful.Always be true to yourself and trust your instincts, they are probably right.While every screenwriter's success story is different, there is one common trait that I have personally seen in every successful screenwriter.