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But there’s ample evidence that technology is the best (read: most accurate) way to get to know someone.

Knowing someone well is essential to developing a deep relationship, and there are certain ways technology makes that harder to do.

Once you’re feeling happier and more connected, go online and get those dates locked down.

The thing is, you're effectively dating online whether you want to or not.

Take a look around and get as much information as you can.

Dating in later life is a serious matter, and comes freighted with worries. What if the person I ask out for a date doesn’t show up? There is no way to avoid these questions, but you shouldn't let them stop you. This is the best option if you are looking for companionship, but may want it to blossom into love.

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You see faces of potential partners wiz by and for a moment, it helps. We’ve all been in this moment – the moment when a twinge of loneliness spurs an online dating session.

Websites such as quizzes to help you assess your situation: these may be for teenagers who think they’re in love, but the questions are just as applicable to those of us with a few more miles on the clock.

You might find that you're making some of the same mistakes you did when you were younger.

Serious or not, we hope that Wolf finds true love soon, and if it happens via Date Brandon Scott, so much the better.

Generally nobody likes to be alone, especially as they get older.