Dating someone in a biker gang online dating site for lawyers

Yes, ladies there will be times (a lot of them) where you will not be with your man.

He might have a club bonding day, church, or just want to spend time with the guys.

If your man is going with his club and you're driving make sure you arrive at the same time as your man.

Or wait in the car until your man gets there, the last thing you want is to be inside of the event, having someone hitting on you and your man walking in. You might be talking to someone who is problematic to your man's club.

Once you're around more they'll start warming up to you. It's exactly what the name implies, bikes being washed only by half naked (sometimes naked) sexy and some not so sexy females. These girls are there to wash the bikes, take pics on them, and be stared at.

I'm not saying don't drink, one, two, fine but know your limit. Ask if you can cook something, ask if they need help selling raffle tickets, I don't care if you have to take out the garbage you do it and show your man and his club that your support them.

Don't ask any questions or make any comments on how "this isn't what happens on Sons of Anarchy" or "on Sons of Anarchy they did this and that" leave that shit at home because that's only a television show, it's for entertainment, this is life.

You will look stupid and it might be your first and last time at an event.

When I go to event if I'm not riding I try to dress sexy.

No, not for the other guys at the event but for MY man.