Dating time to engagement sweet pool dating sim

Sometimes, time is of the essence, especially for women.

I also have two friends who dated each other for ten years — live together and the relationship disintegrated.

Miss Campos added: "2008 is a leap year and a long-held tradition dating back to the fifth century means ladies can take matters into their own hands and pop the question to their boyfriend this year.

Others take things slower and it could be years before they take that next step.

Among them, the biggest at play are typically age, and whether or not you want marriage and children.When my sister was engaged for only three months, all my grandma could say was, “Well, I can’t complain.” That’s because my Grandma Mary was engaged for all of eight days. After a long friendship with my grandfather, they fell in love just as he was supposed to leave for a job in Washington.They had planned to get married when he returned the next year, but then they talked to the bishop. A little shell-shocked, they threw together a wedding in seven days and got married on the eighth.But the poll suggests it may be difficult to meet a woman's romantic expectations, as 43 per cent of those who do get the proposal within three years wish it had been more romantic and 42 per cent told their partners so.It also noted that one in ten women breaks with tradition by making the proposal themselves.