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I believe him to be one of the most honorable people I have had the privilege of meeting in my adult life.Major Bob Stutler agreed to share some of his thoughts about Viet Nam. After he thought about it for a day, he agreed to write his own accounts.Its a poor attempt to demoralize our soldiers serving there. The people of Okinawa rely on jobs on our bases and money that flows from our soldiers to local businesses.The irony of it to me is that if we werent there, the economy of Okinawa would collapse. Japan relies on us to protect them from some of the craziest leaders in the world like the one from North Korea. Men and women who serve this great country deserve great respect, especially in their own country.It was later in my life that Viet Nam was called what it actually was, a "war".It was fought by brave men and women who were not remembered like the veterans of WWI or WWII. Some were simply cowards who did not love our country enough to fight for it, whether there was a draft or not.He trains, eats, sleeps and is in all practical measures, a Marine. The United States Fleet Marine Forces (FMF) are combined general and special purpose forces within the United States Department of the Navy that perform offensive amphibious or expeditionary warfare and defensive maritime employment.The Fleet Marine Forces provide the National Command Authority (NCA) with a responsive force that can conduct operations in any spectrum of conflict around the globe.

Each Veterans Day our school district does a wonderful job honoring veterans in our community.

They usually focus on honoring one era and this year is the Viet Nam war veterans.

We struggled this year to find a Viet Nam veteran who wanted to talk about their experience with the newspaper. Weve been honored in the past to hear Gary Dykes accounts of the war. So since weve done Gary and we were turned down a couple of times, I turned to someone who I greatly respect, but I knew he would decline.

He is approaching his first year of service and is now stationed with the Marines on a base in Okinawa as an RP (Religious Program Specialist).

His duties as a Religious Program Specialist might seem sort of unimportant, but after boot camp, Nick went through Marine Combat Training.