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Traditionally, in Russian society, and indeed elsewhere, women have been given a fairly modest role.

A woman should look after the house and be a good wife and mother. But in my case it turned out that I was to work in a “male” business sector, freight transportation.

It is said that women are by nature prudent and meticulous, and this also applies to how they handle money.

Center-invest Bank believes that this view is borne out by the evidence.

Our company has been transporting freight across Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine since 2011. I won’t lie; setting up this business was pretty challenging. I am guided by the principles of empathy, trust and transparency.

This has allowed me to create my own “female” management style.

My friends who work in banks often can’t understand what is good about my job.

But I like the pace of the work, the way that the situation keeps changing and I have to react quickly to different, and sometimes unusual, situations. And I even manage to have enough time for my personal life.

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I believe that this is a win-win situation for the company and our employees. I could have had a tranquil job, working 9am to 6pm in a bank.

I have two children and a husband, who always need my attention.

I try to give my family as much attention as possible.

Today, many successful business projects are set up by women.

Women are entering business for various reasons: some see it as a necessity, as the only way to achieve their career goals, while for others it is about seizing attractive business opportunities.