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Many of these Mega-Christian Churches have adapted the 'Seeker-Friendly' approach to church growth and offer 'Christian Rock' with complete band and musicians on stage, instead of the regular 'piano and organ'; 'Praise music' instead of the traditional hymns and hymnbooks; Casual and informal worship service replacing the more formal worship service; Casual dress is the norm; Drama and skits play a major role in the worship service, with participation from old and young alike.With multiple services and refreshments in between, and lots of 'contemporary music', many are attracted to the informal atmosphere.

They openly promote such ecumenical ventures such as PROMISE KEEPERS, are members of the radical NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CHURCHES and THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES.However, even the Baptists were not Biblical enough for the Campbells...."So the Campbells left the Baptists and later joined with Barton Stone and Walter Scott and formed what they called the 'Restoration Movement', ie, they were 'restoring' the Church back to its original pattern, since..their estimation...every body else was wrong.Mead's lists the founding date of the Christian Church, also called "Disciples of Christ", as 1832.The Church of Christ [COC] Religion is straight out of the pits of Hell.They teach that water baptism is absolutely essential to go to heaven.