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This simple insight meant that Newton’s physics – since it saw color as an absolute – was unable to fully explain our sensations.

Furthermore, Goethe held that the eye only perceived three colors (red, yellow and blue) and not the seven displayed by Newton’s prism.

Wielding only a prism (or so the story goes), Newton described how he created a perfect rainbow out of white light, the rainbow composed of neat and distinct shades.

While white light is, of course, composed of different wavelengths, the eye does not perceive color in the terms of Newtonian physics.The greatest misfortune of modern physics is that its experiments have been set apart from man.” Goethe wanted to correct Newton’s false abstractions.If Newton began with the equation, he would begin with the eyeball, with a “physiology of color.” He would return color to its beginning, in the brain.Each kind of cone is tuned to a particular kind of light, which they absorb with a greedy efficiency.For example, short-wavelength cones (S) peak somewhere around violet, while long-wavelength cones (L) love a languid yellowness.