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There’s something about having a dog that makes it OK for strangers to approach and break through that wall of silence.With a dog at your side it’s much easier to walk into a room of people that you don’t know.In many ways, owning and caring for a dog is an great template for a healthy long-term relationship with your partner.After all, praising the good behaviour, and ignoring the bad, isn’t a bad blueprint for a harmonious life.Importantly, you may both go with your dog to the vet, discuss important decisions, and share those inevitable highs and lows.Whether you are about to enter the excitement of a new relationship or strengthen an existing one, your canine cupid sets a great example.For those dog owners who are currently single, a dog has a knack of making you meet new people.And for those in a relationship, a dog provides a common interest that strengthens and enriches your partnership. Meeting another dog lover is a great way to get clued-up on that person’s priorities, not least because of the conclusions reached in a recent University of California study .

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Dog Friendly Meetups in Melbourne Alternatively, there are dating sites that cater for the pet-minded person searching for love.

Walking the dog with your partner is a fantastic way of carving out time from a busy schedule in order to be together.

Being outside in the fresh air is relaxing, it makes you feel better, and gives chance to really talk to your partner without the distraction of TV in the background.

So if you’re thinking of trying something new, why not broaden your pet’s horizons at the same time?

Perhaps register your dog with an agility group or join a training class, or even try out something unusual like a Dancing with Dogs class.