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The i Phone 4 and Facetime give it another boost at the moment.

In online education, start-ups built around video lessons were the first on the market in late 2007.

All other devices before were just good for sending and receiving text messages.

Using Facetime, deaf people can talk in sign language. As an interesting side note, the person interviewed in this article stated that sign language is his mother tongue and German his second language, something obvious I had never thought about before.

Have Deaf people's attitudes to gay and lesbian people in the Deaf community changed?

In this clip, a range of Deaf gay and lesbian people talk about their experiences of attitudes in the community, and how people's views have changed over the years.

Our Young People’s Advisory Board (YAB) acts as the voice of deaf children and young people, influencing issues that affect their lives at a local and national level, and having their say on projects and services within the National Deaf Children’s Society.

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We have information on the Buzz for deaf young people about puberty, gender, sexuality, contraception, pregnancy, and keeping safe in relationships and online.

Most of them had a clear focus on language learning.

It made a lot of sense as it is the easiest thing to realize.

There are rumors that Apple, who else, is working on something in that direction, similar to the famous gesture based computer in the movie Minority Report.

What if the mobile phone or tablet could not only recognize click, pinch and swipe gestures but sign language?