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Your mind goes blank as the wonderful aromas permeate your senses. It's just too bad you have to get up and go to the gym. It's been great returning to the origins and realize how nice this scent is.

It can be sniffed from that distance for about 30 min - 1 hour. 2 hours it's a skin scent that's almost entirely gone!

I wore it in my early 20s and still keep a bottle, it was my club scent back then lol. I don't really go clubbing anymore but its still usually the best thing at any event I ware it to, I ware it now just to switch it up from the norm every now and again, I get tons of compliments on it, years later no one seems to know what it is and I like that.

i own this and really hate smells so synthetic aluminum, fresh cut lemongrass, not in a good way but 45mins when it settles into your skin it's a whole different scent,it smells great after you let it chill on your skin for a bit but as far as the first sprays it sucks don't let them hype you on this bs like they did me to me not worth the money for just the dry down.

This fragrance on my skin is extremely perfumey and way too floral a very feminine scent. I developed a headache the last time I wore it and that was only from one spray. It's clean and fresh, but slightly incense-like and powdery. It does not so much remind me of a mowed lawn in saturated green, as sometimes referred to, rather a sweet tea which was brewed using that very grass and a few delicate white flowers.

I say all of that to say it doesn't smell bad, but it's too feminine for me and induces headaches. A comfortable and lovingly embracing scent, which seems to be neither particularly complex, nor plainly simple. eski de kaldı tabi bizden geçti :) mükemmel bir kokusu var yaz kış her daim 212. yan ürünleri ile birlikte kullanmanızı tavsiye ederim, kıyafette kalıcılık ortalama üzeri ten de ise orta düzeyde i must disagree with the reviews , this one deserves more pleasure than the nonsense people are reviewing here, if you do not own it do not comment please people who are interested in buying this masterpiece wants positive reviews. the goodness of cut grass and the freshness is just amazing.