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Let’s say you and your partner want to have a threesome.

Use your imagination to use different words for yourself and your partner: even something as simple as Sir, Boss, or Mistress can invoke a powerful new dynamic.

This kind of erotic improv is the perfect low-pressure way to build on one another’s desires; so when the time comes to bring that real unicorn home, you know a lot more about how to make everyone’s fantasies come true.

Erotic role play provides the chance to get in touch with different aspects of your sexual identity, and you don't need expensive costumes to do it.

So think about what words make you feel great about your sexuality.

Maybe you like to be nasty or filthy on occasion, or maybe you like to be told you’re soft and sweet (hey, you can be both! Think of words that enhance your self-love — juicy, hot, tight, strong, cute, smooth — and enthusiastically inquire about your partner’s faves, too.