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One of the conditions for reconciliation is competent Christian counseling for the psychological problem that is now apparent to everyone but the husband. Dobson’s very wide audience, I found his words to Laura to be shocking and potentially harmful. Dobson’s words are respected far and wide and I wanted to hear what other church leaders had to say about his advice.I sought out three pastors whose ministries involve working with victims of domestic violence and abusers.Love Must Be Tough offers the guidance that gives you the best chance of rekindling romance, renewing your relationship, and drawing your partner back into your arms.In the excerpt from the book, we read a letter to Dobson from Laura, a victim of Domestic violence.He is saying by his behavior, “Do what I wish or I’ll beat you.” She must break out of that tyranny while she’s still young enough to cope with the consequences.

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I am very grateful that these men speak truth about abusers and how to protect women who are in harm’s way.

Divorce Recovery for Christians - Amazon.com: Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a.

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His books and videos include The Birth Order Book, Have a New Kid by Friday, and numerous others.

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