Drake dating history

Rihanna even opened up about the relationship during interviews.“I have a boyfriend. I feel really comfortable, and it’s so easy,” Rihanna told magazine in 2010.

Chris Brown Says if Rihanna & Leonardo Di Caprio Rumors Are True, 'I Just Tip My Hat'2015: Leonardo Di Caprio Rumors swirled earlier this year when the two were reportedly seen engaging in PDA at Rihanna’s 27th birthday party and at a Playboy mansion party.

Well, a new creation from Dr Ed makes this rabbit hole a lot easier to fall down, as it allows us to use an interactive map to actually look up the dating histories of all our favorite celebrities.

Just to go along with the example I provided for you, I started off my own search on the map with Kim Kardashian West.

The two have been spotted hugging on each other during the week, but they could just be pal-ing around since they recently debuted a sexy joint ad campaign for Puma.

Only time will tell if Rihanna keeps Travi$ around or gives him the Matt Barnes treatment.

Despite the lengthy flirtation, neither confirmed they were dating at any point.

Even his most promising rumored relationship with Rihanna appears to be extremely one-sided.

Even his Wikipedia page lacks the obligatory “Personal Life” section that typically names the partners and spouses of celebrities.

Throughout Drake’s tenure as a superstar, there have been a plethora of names that have been added to said list.

Even just a simple google search of "Kim Kardashian West's love life" can be overwhelming, with pages and pages and pages of info about everyone she's dated.

Obviously, along the way, you get fascinated by one of the guys she reportedly dated, and you start reading about him, only to get stuck sifting through more pages of irrelevant information about this dude Kim Kardashian may or may not have boinked once.