Dreamweaver cs3 template not updating pages

You were making some pretty serious design changes so you didn’t Put each file as you were working on it (you didn’t want any visitors that caught you mid-update to get confused as to why some pages looked different than others).

dreamweaver cs3 template not updating pages-15

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This is what is shown if you do not have an “index.html” file, as was discussed on our Getting Started page.

Here’s how to upload your “index.html” file to the remote site: Upon clicking the Put button, Dreamweaver will Put your “index.html” and “bunny.jpg” files onto the Remote site.

Dreamweaver uses the terms Get and Put to talk about getting a file from the remote copy and putting a file on the remote copy.

Dreamweaver uses a Our last page focused primarily on the Properties Inspector. The Files Palette is the primary method of transferring files between the local and remote copies of your site.