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After the police departed, Little Egypt, having hidden in a private dressing room far from the party, finally joined the festivities at a.m.

She performed her specialty, the danse du ventre, or as it was more commonly called, “the hootchie-cootchie.” Introduced at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, danse du ventre was the French colonial name for traditional folk dances from North Africa.

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As the trial got underway The New York Daily Tribune declared much of the testimony unprintable.Chapman, followed by two officers, pushed past the doorman, bounded up the stairs two at a time, and burst into the women’s dressing room.This caused a lot of commotion, but Little Egypt was nowhere to be found.When Seeley booked the evening’s entertainment he told the agent it was “not a Sunday school, but …a gentlemanly stag dinner, fit for bachelors,” and he wanted “something fit.” What exactly Seeley deemed “fit” would become a major point of interest for the general public, because not long after Little Egypt arrived at Sherry’s so did the police.