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Your muscles will hurt, but they will thank you at the same @sianna_kaplar When we say corny, we mean it in a good way! Hit up the Edmonton Paintball Centre located just north of Downtown Edmonton.Take a nice drive out West and check out this fun attraction where you two get to walk through a tall grass field filled with corn ears. Before you enter the maze, grab a cup of hot chocolate and pet some of the cows as well as a few furry farmer friends. Here, you and your s/o can challenge each other in combat by shooting paintballs at each other while in protective gear.

WATCH ABOVE: Rates of sexually-transmitted infections in Alberta are the highest they’ve been in decades.Just say screw it and enjoy each other's company in a different setting.Be sure to enjoy the views that Banff has to offer, as well as each others.If you two are really feeling adventurous, pack your bags and go on a road trip to Banff.There's nothing wrong with a little getaway trip for the both of you, especially when you both are feeling stressed af from the responsibilities that come with life itself.