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It is a true story about a subculture devoted to picking up women.

At first it was intriguing because of the premise it offered, that women could be gamed, their emotions expertly manipulated by anyone willing to spend the time to learn the necessary skills.

It’s an unsettling thing to hear in the middle of the night (that’s when they broadcast).

In the US you can’t get many of the interesting ones (such as Israel, MI6, or CIA), but you can get plenty of the Cuban transmissions.

If a man falls over himself speaking to a girl trying to ‘win her over’, why should she be interested?

There is a law of attraction – just as men are attracted to women, so too are women attracted to men.

Here’s our programming schedule for the coming future. Even now the rear takedown pin needs some gentle hammering to get the upper and the lower together.Here these communications are supposed to be tip-top-secret, cloak-and-dagger stuff, and yet you can hear it in the dead of night if you know the time and the frequency. The best way to listen to Numbers Stations is to head over to Spy Numbers and check their database.The sad thing is that these unnoticed communications have major consequences. So the numbers stations are a reminder of the sinister tentacles of communism that still linger long past their time. The Iron Curtain fell over twenty years ago, and we still have these backwards totalitarian regimes that refuse to die and cause nothing but oppression and destruction. There are thousands of entries, so the way to find out what might be on is to search recent entries based on the day of the week and the time of day. On Addiction, Escapism, and Depression For now, I’ll just talk about the rifle.Sure the exposed metal is ugly, but hopefully I will use the gun enough to make the whole thing ugly. Things are fully assembled now but I didn’t photograph all of the painstaking process.I’ll just show a photo of some of the parts, in contrived juxtaposition with one of my textbooks. It was an interesting read and a real page turner, though it could be very crass at times.