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The next newsletter will be November 8, 2017Each week, Greenwood First Baptist produces THE VOICE.

This publication is distributed to Sunday School classes with information about upcoming events. The Scripture quotations used in worship at Greenwood First Baptist Church are from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible, copyright © 1989 by the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA.

The church offers contemporary worship with praise singers and praise band for the 9am worship each Sunday and interested participants are always encouraged.

A more traditional style is enjoyed in the am worship each week, with full choir and orchestra.

In addition, Elvin led the contemporary service of our church from 1998-2003.

Code 2201 Unconscionable - CC 1670.5, 1770(a)(19) Undue Influence - CC 1575 Unlawful - CC 1667 Goods or Services Not Furnished - CC 1748.7 Issuance to Married Women - CC 1747.81 Late Charges - FC 4001 Marketing Information (Use Of) - CC 1748.12 Personal Identification - CC 1747.08 Recurring Payments - B&P 17600 Bait Advertising - 16 CFR Part 238 Cooling Off Period - 16 CFR Part 429 Credit Practices Rule - 16 CFR Part 444 Deceptive Pricing - 16 CFR Part 233 Environmental Marketing Claims - 16 CFR Part 260 Funeral Industry Practices - 16 CFR Part 453 "Holder Rule" (Preservation of Consumer Claims) - 16 CFR Part 433 Mail and Telephone Order Rule - 16 CFR Part 435 Negative Option Plans - 16 CFR Part 425 Pay-Per-Call ("900" number calls) - 16 CFR Part 308 Used Motor Vehicles - 16 CFR Part 455 Unfair Competition - 15 USC 45 Arbitrator's Disclosures - CCP 1281.95 Contract - B&P 7159 Downpayment - B&P 7159 Rescission - , 12 CFR 226.15, 226.23, B&P 7163 Security Interest - B&P 7031(c), CC 1804.3 See Contracts and Unruh Act Innkeeper's Liability (see Innkeeper's Liability) Landlord's Right of Entry - CC 1954 Notice to Terminate Tenancy - CC 1946 Notice to Terminate Sole Lodger - CC 1946.5 Periodic Tenancies - CC 1943, 1945 Prepaid Rental Listing Service - B&P 10167 Affiliation or Association - CC 1770(a)(3) Authority of Salesman or Agent - CC 1770(a)(18), VC 11713.1(m) Benefits of Goods or Services - CC 1770(a)(5) Certification - CC 1770(a)(2) Geographic Origin of Goods or Services - CC 1770(a)(4) In General - CC 1770 Ingredients of Goods or Services - CC 1770(a)(5) Misleading Statements - B&P 17500 Obligation - CC 1770(a)(14) Part Needed/Part Installed - CC 1770(a)(15) Quality of Goods or Services - CC 1770(a)(7) Quantities of Goods or Services - CC 1770(a)(5) Rights/Remedies - CC 1770(a)(13) Source of Sponsorship of Goods or Services - CC 1770(a)(2),(a)(5) Before-Rebate Cost - B&P 17701.5 Gouging (Post Disaster) - PC 396 Price Reductions and Disclosures (Misleading Statements) - CC 1770(a)(13), B&P 17509 (includes internet) Secondhand Goods - B&P 17531 (includes internet), CC 1770(a)(6) Selling or Leasing at Advertised Terms - CC 2985.71(b), B& P 17538.7, VC 11713.1(e) Two or More Articles in Same Ad - B&P 17507 Value and Former Value - B&P 17501 , Driver's License Scanning – CC 1798.90.1 Educational Records (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act of 1974 "FRRPA") – g, 34 CFR Part 99 Federal Privacy Act - 5 USC 552a Financial Records - GC 7460 , Com.Andrea Millwood Hargrave's 2000 study of the attitudes of the British public found that fuck was considered the third most severe profanity and its derivative motherfucker second. According to linguist Pamela Hobbs, "notwithstanding its increasing public use, enduring cultural models that inform our beliefs about the nature of sexuality and sexual acts preserve its status as a vile utterance that continues to inspire moral outrage." Hobbs considers users rather than usage of the word and sub-divides users into 'non-users', for whom the word "evokes the core sexual meanings and associated sexual imagery that motivate the taboo", and 'users' for whom "metaphorical uses of the word fuck no more evoke images of sexual intercourse than a ten-year-old’s ‘My mom’ll kill me if she finds out’ evokes images of murder," so that the "criteria of taboo are missing." Because of its increasing usage in the public forum, in 2005 the word was included for the first time as one of three vulgarities in The Canadian Press's Canadian Press Caps and Spelling guide.Journalists were advised to refrain from censoring the word but use it sparingly and only when its inclusion was essential to the story.Code 2719(2) Repair, or Replace, or Reimburse Provision - CC 1793.2(d) Repair Standards - CC 1796.5 Returned "Lemon" Notice - CC 1793.22(f), 1793.23 : B&P = California Business & Professions Code Cal. = California Constitution CC = California Civil Code CCP = California Code of Civil Procedure CCR = California Code of Regulations CFR = Code of Federal Regulations Com. Code = California Corporations Code CPUC = California Public Utilities Commission Ed. Code = California Evidence Code FC = California Financial Code Fam.Code = Family Code GC = California Government Code H&S = California Health & Safety Code Harb. Code = California Harbors & Navigation Code IC = California Insurance Code PC = California Penal Code PUC = California Public Utilities Code R&T = Revenue and Taxation Code USC = United States Code VC = California Vehicle Code "." = and the following sections NOTICE: We attempt to make our legal guides accurate as of the date of publication, but they are only guidelines and not definitive statements of the law.