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Ranked one of the top educational institutions, Ryan international runs nearly 150 schools across India and in United Arab Emirates.

The school was caught in another controversy last year after a six-year-old student was found dead in a water tank at its New Delhi establishment.

(That’s compared to women who only had vaginal intercourse, which were at a lesser risk.) HSV-2 can also be transmitted from genitals to mouth, although it's rarer.

The other leading risk through oral sex is gonorrhea, says Hurt.

As part of sex education programs, kids need to be made aware of that fact that oral sex is not a completely risk-free activity.” But, I wondered, just how dangerous is it?

It turns out that putting a solid figure on the danger is difficult.

(For perspective, consider that the same study found a much higher per-contact risk of 0.82 percent for unprotected receptive anal sex.) The researchers calculated the rate of HIV transmission to be 4 out of 10,000 acts of fellatio.

but it clearly can infect in and around the mouth, as well as in the genital tract.” One study described the risk as “small.” You’ve probably seen the scary headlines about oral sex causing cancer, but as I reported in the past, oral cancers linked to HPV are very rare: Approximately five per 100,000 people.The school has suspended the principal and assured cooperation with the investigators.Authorities said they had launched an investigation into security at the school.Nikki Mayes of the CDC’s media office says, “As far as I’m aware, no studies have quantified the exact risk for all STIs [through oral sex],” and the CDC doesn’t gather data on STIs contracted through oral sex.It's difficult to attribute infections to any single sex act -- most people who contract STIs engage in a variety of potentially risky sexual practices.