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Conversely, online dating provides the space to prepare our best faces and responses in an ideal presentation framework.

Compatibility decisions are usually made based on sexual attraction and romantic behavior.

If society is going to "let us" play their game, then they expect us to follow the same rules they have had to suffer under.

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Even if there is a strong attraction, we generally proceed with more patience because of the shared work environment.I have always admired the character played by Ruth Gordon in "Harold and Maude", because she made a decision to end her life on her 80th birthday, before time and age took too much of a toll on her body and mind. I just suspect that I would not find that person through the act of dating..I know it. How might I find that person then, assuming that this desire even becomes something I want to pursue?First, I must tell you the truth about dating, and why it is a terrible way to get to know someone and find out if there is relationship compatibility.It seems there is an assumption that, if you are single and over the age of 18, you must either keep at the pursuit of love until the day you die, or at the most let aging or illness force you into retirement.Who in the world would make a conscious choice to quit, especially when you still have a few laps around the track?