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These messages in essence send users to fake login pages that phish for Twitter users’ credentials.

Once a scammer has compromised a user’s Twitter account, they can use that profile for any number of purposes, as explained here.

published an article offering advice on how users can securely navigate the world of social networking.

Among other things, our experts cited users sharing too much information and posting revealing photos as dangerous behaviors that could potentially invite attackers to profile their accounts.

Not all bots send image-based spam, nor do all of these campaigns lead to adult websites. Indeed, with an estimated 23 million bots identified by Twitter in 2014, the possibilities for bot spam are nearly endless.

Some bots are in the pay-for-follower business, which accounts for another Twitter scam entirely.

Regardless of whether they have those capabilities, however, most pay-for-follower providers are identical to people who sell email addresses to advertisers.We begin with a guide on five common Twitter scams.The first common Twitter scam entices users with opportunities to make money from home by tweeting about other people’s products.If you engage with one of these services, you could be accused of helping to distribute spam on the networking platform, which could result in Twitter banning you from its site altogether., scammers use a hijacked account to send out direct messages that appear to be legitimate.

Free adult video chat no credit cards