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The average number of years employed at Cam Credits, Inc. Our collectors are all certified by ACA International and continue to avail themselves of training opportunities offered both in-house and through ACA International.

We believe knowledge is power and our staff has amassed a wealth of information about our area, our economy and the techniques necessary to successfully collect debts for you.

For SDK free trial or other inquiries, please contact [email protected] Checkout is a credit card scanning solution to extract card number and valid through date to validate the card in real time.

The credit card scan is available in SDK, which can be integrated in your app to enable card scanning features.

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The development of a thorough credit application and authorization form is necessary to do a complete job of checking a potential customers’ credit history.

Funds paid will be converted into core hour credits.

These credits will be divided over an agreed time period and allocated to quarterly (three month) accounting periods; thus the number of core hours used per quarter is defined at the start of the usage agreement.

Our membership in these associations keeps us abreast of all of the latest legislation, collection techniques and provides excellent training opportunities to aid us in providing the best service for our clients.

What about training and competency of your collection staff? is a group of highly motivated, professional long-term employees.