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This is a true story so bit long, but I am sure you will enjoy it. I use to fantasize about this aunty since they came to live in our area. I use to masturbate and fantasize about fucking her after reading different stories on ISS about fucking neighbor aunties or big age ladies.You can email me your feedback, comments, etc and sexy aunties, ladies & girls can contact me for friendship, relationship, etc at: [email protected] would love to hear from you coz this is first time I'm sharing this incident with anyone so I'm excited for your views & comment. Coz since I enter all this world of sex in my 7th STD and started watching porn and talking dirty things with friend I use to like aunties and ladies more than girls of my age. Soon this aunty after coming to live in my area became friend with my mother and use to often visit my home after finishing all the household work to chat with my mother in evening and afternoon.Earlier since she became a friend with my mom she use to chat and sometimes send forwards to mom's mobile and same way my mom use to forward text and chat with her sometimes.

That time my friendship with aunty got closer we use to sit and chat in evening and I use to share all my problems with her and she use to help and make me understand things.

Now all romantic chat like BF-GF (more like husband wife) started and we made a plan to meet when she is alone at home. But she pushed me on bed and we both started kissing each other wildly and caressing each other. I always use to like her big breast and use to fantasize about it. Even in public sometimes we use to hold hands or caress each other when no body is watching.

Next day I rang door bell in afternoon and she opened we were like seeing each other with lustful eyes and she asked me to come in. She had very large boobs and she is bit fat so looks mast sexy hot aunty. This was my first sex relationship and a real heaven type.

But I dint want to take any risk or get in problem by saying so. But She said that we were friends before also then why suddenly so close & attached.

I said "I don't know, you only say." But she knew I know the answer but I am not saying it.

Free chat with aunty and asked for fuck