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from the past or present for this page to: Or send photos to (photos can be returned on request): CFI, PO Box 1096, Oakhurst, CA 93644 Please let us know where and when the photos where taken and what is happening.

Most all videos, articles and photos on this page are free to use for any broadcast or publication as long as the web address Clothes is visible or mentioned.

Plus, experienced naturists can explore places to go all over the world below. Many of the photos on this page will enlarge, but due to bandwidth costs, the first 39 photos will enlarge, but another 7,900 are for CFI members.

This members only area helps fund CFI's main goals of speaking out for your freedoms and educating the public by about positive naturist values. We have photo releases and/or the source of every photo here online. Until the public sees for themselves that nude recreation is wholesome, there will be misconceptions for a long time.

Back in the 1920's men used to have to cover up their chest because people were offended, since the change in that law, people got cured extremely fast.

Actually the warning should read: If you continue, you may encounter images of people wearing clothes for the sole purpose of shame! These photos are one of the best ways to introduce others to nude recreation.

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CFI approved places provide a safe, healthy, wholesome atmosphere for the whole family that allows everyone, including children, to have a better body image, learn respect and have more self esteem.

Most of the photos below are taken at our events, please watch Clothes Free TV for all the details.