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All those people looking for casual sex and then going back for more from someone else - how many hookups do you think they had prior to you ?How many hookup's have each of her prior partners had ? Suppose she's had 40 hookups, and each of those had 40 of their own before getting to her ?The contractural Terms and conditions breach Eurpoean trading laws- the customer is penalised in relation to Unfailr Contract Terms (the get-out clause is in favour of the trader).It also breaches European trading laws in relation to a right to withdraw from a contract within a stipulated 14 days, in that it does not offer a cooling off period. I got messages From different girls using same photo!!!Oh, I need to boil my brain in bleach just thinking about the possible diseases.Even cutting that number is half is still more then troubling.The last time I had a picture up here, I found myself on site I never joined. Of course there are beautiful women everywhere, but, basically, every single woman on there is a 10. I tried to find a customer service number just to tell one of their live representatives that their site IS fake. I have more respect for someone who pulls a gun out and takes my money face to face, than someone hiding behind a fake website who obviously lacks the intelligence and creativity to start a real dating site.The reason I knew it was off of POF is because I only used the pic for here. It's funny that you brought that up because they pictures I seen were some really attractive girls. One of my co-workers discovered her (underage) daughter had opened a profile on that website. The owners/creators of are people of both inferior intelligence and morals.

Free hookup no sign up no credit card no profile just hook up and f-39

In reality she's 5'2" & at least 200 lbs & has a variety issues (physical, mental, lack of hygiene, etc). I'm getting messages that are generic; none of these women even mentioned my physique.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your popped up on this website and I decided to go check it out and after reading a few profiles and checking out the pictures I was confused by the difference between these two websites.

Well clearly this website is designed for a lot more then just a random "hookup" but the difference between the people was mindblowing. It's funny that you brought that up because they pictures I seen were some really attractive girls.

I felt really bad for some of the guys (easily 50-60) that she was e-mailing. I guess you're gonna find some of these types on any site you choose. I have a profile on and I did the 3 day trial offer..

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