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His response was shocking, he giggled shrugged his shoulders and muttered “whatever” I was shocked and appalled at this.

My parents could not believe this reaction and were disgusted.

After she returned we informed her of her error and she fixed it right away, and informed us that she was over loaded with 11 tables and must have missed swiping one.

Ok an honest mistake, after getting our gift card back with the balance the manager came by and I told him I probably will not be returning due to the burger I received.

She apologized and the manager came back shortly later and apologized as well.

He’s a hazard to everyone in Salt Lake who might potentially walk in those restaurant doors.Reply My night at Chilis on the corner of Bell and N. We arrived at Chilis and where seated right away, not the first time we have been to Chilis, which my parents are avid fans of their 2 for deals, especial their steaks which the absolutely love.We were served right away and had our drinks in no time at all, our waiters came back a couple minutes later and took our orders and had a great attitude, extremely sweet and attentive.The manager was very attentive to our enjoyment of our food when he was dropping it off, he even made sure my parents cut into their steaks to make sure they were done correctly.My dad’s was perfect, however, my mom’s was a little under cooked, the manager was very apologetic and accommodating and took her steak back to cook it a little bit longer. I had ordered the Ultimate Burger and could not believe how greasy it was, so much so that the wax paper it was served on was puddled with white liquid grease from the burger.