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As with the rest of American society, the Motion Picture Association of America links nudity and sex. Below are films that contain body positive nudity that keep within the naturist value system.It is easier to get an “R” rating for having nudity on screen than it is with graphic violence. In Canada, a movie can warrant a “G” (good for everybody) even if there is casual, non-sexual nudity, as long as there are no close ups. There could be sexual content in these films, but they are separate from the portrayals of “good” nudity found in them.There is also a scene where Prinsloo isn't naked but is wearing a dripping wet see through cotton dress. She quickly backs out and shuts the door and shouts "I thought you said you were decent!! The movie ends with Jack and Harry lying naked, at night, in Central Park, watching the stars and the clouds. It was about a girl who somehow had the authority to confiscate a nudist camp because somehow she was in control of its assets.A great movie that is very funny.(1977) Richard Dreyfus is in a bedroom and Marsha Mason knocks on the door and asks through it "Are you decent? There are more scenes with non-sexual nudity as well. The participants wanted to show her around,and convince her of the wholeness of the nudist lifstyle.This delicious black comedy, set in the jungles of Brazil, tells the story of a French explorer who tries in vain to be accepted by the tribe of cannibals who has captured him.

Although it might not be a movie for children, it does have a great nudity scene on the beach. But there are films out there that present the other side of nudity, the naturist side that believes that the human form is not inherently shameful or dirty. Most movie nudity is exploitative or overtly sexual.Wonderful movie about accepting people as they are.(2003) Ewan Mc Gregor, Albert Finney, Billy Cradup.The story is about a son (William Bloom) trying to learn more about his dying father (Albert Finney) by reliving stories and myths his father told him about himself. In the first scene, she is standing and seen from behind.