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Is there a way for someone looking at an anonymous DNA sample to tell if a person is the result of incest? (FOX 8ET) Later, on Arrow, as Ollie gets the ziplines running on time, Black Siren throws a wrench into the plan.

That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even the Friday Fark Gaming Thread may die. (CW 9pm ET) Dear Amy: My mom is dying of pancreatic cancer and my fiance won't move up the wedding because she doesn't want to miss out on "the process" or lose deposits in case "something happens." Advice?

Will New Day face backlash for their invasion 2 turbo last night?

As someone who's recently gotten into this whole thing, I'm probably going to be adding to my current 63 points (Level 3) quite rapidly in the span of the next two weeks.Next the main batch at 11 am featuring Newcastle & Bournemouth; West Ham & ' Pool at pm.Sunday matches start with Spurs & Palace at 7 am EST.Discussion time: What culinary monstrosities have you seen people do to fancy/expensive ingredients? Can Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions end their losing streak? It's your Monday Night Football thread, kickoff is at pm EST Trump arrives in Asia, Mueller is turning up the heat, and now is not the time to talk about gun control."Dear Prudence: My brother's girlfriend has breast cancer. " Remember when Fox tried out some interesting TV concepts in the '90s. Bring your thoughts and prayers to the MSNBC primetime discussion thread.