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For those who have not, when you chat online in one of these chat rooms, you can have a conversation with several people at once, making it much easier to forge a quick connection with the other singles.

When you combine the free singles chat room experience with online dating, you are able search for local singles.

However, early studies are underway to answer these questions.

Diana Mc Neil: My brother is 49 years old & was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation in his early 40's.

Has any one made a chat room which is free & where we can see any other member online. I wonder what its like for Selsey Bill, Hello Bill what's the weather like for you........

You can put in a search for the kind of folk you want to chat with according to gender, age, country, etc. Online chat!

Unless it’s a costume party and you’re going as a slob, nowhere that’s where!

These free singles chat sites gives you the opportunity to talk to many people at once in real time; and, depending on which free chat you go, you can talk to local singles tonight and maybe line up a date for tomorrow! If you have been online for a while, you’re probably familiar with regular chat rooms.

Thank You Helen HELEN, THE BEST WEBCAMS FOR TELESCOPE USE ARE CALLED PHILLIPS TOUCAM PRO AND WHAT YOU DO IS TO PURCHASE A LITTLE ADAPTOR WHICH SCREWS INTO THE FRONT OF THE WEBCAM AND WILL THEN ATTACH TO THE FOCUSSER OF YOUR TELESCOPE, THEY ARE QUITE EASY TO USE AND YOU WILL GET GREAT IMAGES OF THE MOON AND THE BRIGHTER PLANETS, ITS ALSO NECESSARY TO HAVE A LAPTOP COMPUTER IF YOU INTEND TO CAPTURE IMAGES OUTSIDE AS CARTING OUT A DESKTOP SET UP WOULD BE A BIT OF A BIND , CHEERS TONY P Astronomy chatroom, well I frequent a channel on irc, #astronomy at I use a program called m IRC which can be downloaded at There are quite a few people there mainly americans. Hi Helen, have you tried ICQ chat available from [url= and is free. If they are online, you can invite them into a private chat room to kick start the “getting to know you” phase.Just imagine how much quicker and easier it would be if all dating websites used this idea…These people often join these chat rooms for singles because they are both fun and exciting.What other way can you flirt and talk with numerous people without having to change out of that stained track suit?