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Of interest is Live Person’s campaign based approach for engagement and the visitor analysis helping you to understand who visitors are and what their needs may be.

Engagement based pricing make it a bit like pay per click advertising - just over a dollar per engagement (depending on volumes), which could add up quickly if you have a very busy website…

The addition of a website chat system to your website can be a very effective tool for helping you to engage with visitors, but there are are many options available, making it difficult to differentiate and select the best solution.

Live Person - Person is a very complete solution offering a full suite of tools.e Streamchat Streamchat is quite different from the other solutions as this not only provides one-on-one chat between your operators and visitors, but also allows you to create chat rooms as well as audio and video chats.The addition of photo/document uploads as well as private rooms mean this solution could be used in quite a few less corporate ways!Happyfoxchat nice modern web chat platform, with nice front end interface implementation.Lots of integration and plug-ins into other platforms.