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In 1994, all Saudi women magazines were banned by the Ministry of Information.This move was considered to be related to the pressures of the religious establishment or ulema.Any speech or public demonstration that is deemed to be immoral or critical of the government, especially the royal family, can lead to imprisonment or corporal punishment.Saudi and foreign newspapers and magazines, including advertising, are strictly controlled by censorship officials to remove content that is offensive.

It is prohibited to commit acts leading to disorder and division, affecting the security of the state and its public relations, or undermining human dignity and rights. It is charged with the `purification` of culture prior to it being permitted circulation to the public.

In addition to obtaining government permission, the Saudi citizen creating and distributing the content, had to ensure that it did not cause sectarian tension among citizens, or insult the royal family or Islamic values.

In 1992 the "Basic Law of Governance" was enacted as an informal Constitution.

The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) is responsible for regulating the Internet and for hosting a firewall which blocks access to thousands of websites, mainly due to sexual and political content.

As of 2014, Saudi Arabia has plans to regulate local companies producing input for You Tube.