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The Home Office report adds that online porn is increasingly dominated by themes of aggression, power and control.

Our recent survey on teen issues found that 81% of parents surveyed, felt that it is harmful for young people to watch pornography.

They may also feel under pressure by their peers to take a look at porn too.

They might be feeling curious if they hear their friends talking about what they saw and want to take a look themselves.

It leads to unrealistic and exaggerated expectations of sex, body image and relationships.

Research carried out worldwide shows that people who grow up on a diet of porn have more difficulty forming relationships.

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Then I noticed the stuff he was looking at was getting more extreme and nasty.” After finding image of rape, Lianne confronted her son.

It isn’t a case of if a young person will be exposed to pornography but when, according to The Sexualisation of Children, a government report published in February 2010.

The average teen spends one hundred minutes a week surfing for porn, according to research.

Young people nowadays can access the internet on their phones, tablets, computers, which gives them even more of a chance of stumbling across porn sites.

Young people are naturally curious, if they see a pop-up window they might click on it and be led to a porn site, or be sent links to it in via their junk mail.