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But most of his work, he said, is private sessions -- less than 20 percent is for publication.

"My everyday clients are just doing pictures for themselves," he said.

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For the most part, I have a full list of clients because people just like to feel pretty and feel special, and they want to have the best possible pictures to show that.

That's what I do." That too, he said, is a direct result of Hugh Hefner and Playboy paving the way.

"I've never considered my work controversial," he said. This is a legitimate form of expression, and not only how we celebrate humanity and sexuality, but to celebrate ourselves and how we put ourselves out there into the world.

"While half of the people say very easily that it was nothing but a tool for the devil, the other half can point to so many things that were an absolute tool for good in socielty," he said. And a life without arguent is not a life worth living.

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