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And if that’s all too much, you can just play games. One-fifth of the world’s population is Chinese and mainland China has more than twice as many internet users as the US (674 million as compared with 281 million, according to 2015 statistics).

But already, one out of every four users of We Chat is non-Chinese, and the company has its sights set on world domination.

A number of dissonant voices have moved to We Chat.

Its accounts work in a less public manner: only their subscribers and those to whom they forward posts will see what they have written.

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Moments like that I wish I could turn into a cat with a sombrero and shout 'Que? Kim Kardashian getting thrown into a toilet Occasion: When the other person has said something absolutely ludicrous, such as “I’m not drinking tonight,” or “It’s just one casual drink, yeah?We Chat makes it easy for other businesses and app developers to get on board by providing an open application programming interface (API) for them to use.The tech and business analyst Connie Chan has written about how We Chat pioneered the model of “apps within an app”.According to the Wall Street Journal, while Facebook is certainly trying, ‘it won’t be simple for Facebook or others to copy We Chat’s success.’ David Pierce is even more categorical: ‘Many apps will try to replicate what We Chat has done, and all (or all but one) will fail.’ The reason is because We Chat’s ‘mobile-first’, PC-free development model is unique.In 2011, the Chinese media, communications and internet giant Tencent, which Forbes now rates number 11 in the world for innovation, created We Chat in part to give users a way of avoiding costly text messages.