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It also masks IP addresses, which essentially allows fraudsters to operate undetected to commit crimes, including identity theft.

Experian’s Identity Works Premium includes Dark Web Surveillance for comprehensive dark web monitoring to protect you from the financial and reputational harm that can result from identity theft.

Other criminals or criminal networks then buy this data and use it for fraud, such as creating synthetic identities, opening bank accounts and other malicious activities.

There is no expiration date on the value of most personal data stolen in a data breach, and your personal information can be exposed—and used by identity thieves—for years after a data breach.

Dark web monitoring, also known as cyber monitoring, is an identity theft prevention product that enables you to monitor your identity information on the dark web, and receive notifications if your information is found online.

The dark web, described in this article as the underbelly of the Internet, is a shrouded area of the internet, hidden from search engines and only accessible with a special web browser.

Experian’s Dark Web Internet Surveillance monitors the depths of the web to identify activity associated with your identity.

There is no fee for Indiana residents to place, temporarily lift, remove or request a new password or PIN.A sober look at the case would have revealed it to be but the latest botched mortuary procedure conducted by a gang of creepy scam artists.Instead, through the good graces of the , this grim tale was spun into an inspirational saga of one person’s courageous quest for a second chance at life, aided by medical visionaries on the verge of miraculous technological breakthroughs.In fact, some identity thieves anticipate breach fatigue and practice patience, waiting until the fear and anxiety of the moment have passed and consumers let down their guard and stop watching for the signs of fraud.The lesson here is that although data breaches are not likely to stop any time soon, monitoring your online information can let you sleep a little better knowing you will be notified if you need to take action to prevent financial or reputational harm.