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Once you understand more of their concerns ,you can potentially explore other avenues such as multi-media presentations, re-formatted consent documents or other avenues that would still accomplish the goal of enhanced patient understanding while complying with the IRB’s policies.

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For example, physicians often redirect patients at the beginning of the visit, giving patients less than 30 seconds to express their concerns.2 Later in the visit, physicians tend not to involve patients in decision making3 and, in general, rarely express empathy.4 Patients forget more than half of physicians' clinical recommendations,5 and differences in agendas and expectations often are not reconciled.

These problems are likely to persist even in the face of intensive practice redesign efforts unless communication between patients and physicians is addressed.

This article will describe how to use principles of patient-centered communication to structure the initial moments of a medical encounter so that the physician can more reliably elicit, explore and respond to patients' concerns.

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