Gaskarth dating

April 9th, 2016 Gaskarth married longtime girlfriend Lisa Ruocco.

Alex and guitarist, Jack Barakat, have a bromance known as Jalex, seeing as the two are very close friends.

In 2009, All Time Low released their third studio album Nothing Personal which debuted number 4 in Billboard 200.

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During his teens, Gaskarth was part of a band performing cover songs called Crew Fighters.

He stated in a Reddit AMA that he abandoned the instruments due to difficulties replacing parts while overseas.

Gaskarth currently uses Fender guitars, most notable the Telecaster Deluxe models, although he has been seen using a Starcaster, as well as some of their acoustic models.

What is unique about the band is it's band members.

They are of different characters and that is important for a pop-punk band to succeed.