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When you’ve finished shooting pictures, you can upload the recorded data from your mobile app to the Geotag service or any other Cloud services: Geotag Photos now supports these cloud services: Dropbox, Google Drive and i Cloud (available on i OS devices only).Note: It’s always better to geotag your images BEFORE you import them into your photo editor, because if the meta tags of the pictures in the libraries are not refreshed, this can lead to situations where geotags are not visible after import.Geotag Photos Pro is a complete solution consisting of a smartphone app and a desktop app.The principle behind this is quite simple: you have Geotag Photos Pro on your smartphone, which records your current position while you're taking photos with your camera; and, once finished, the desktop application then writes the recorded location to your images.It is not obligatory to use Geotag Photos Pro with its account, but it is much easier to get your trips to our desktop geotagging app.

Use linked Cloud services If you use any of supported Cloud services, all you need to do is to link Geotag Photos Pro with your cloud account; this can be done in Settings.

Photos taken by practically every smartphone are geotagged automatically; but, the majority of compact point-to-shoot, mirrorless, or DSLR cameras don't have a GPS module built-in.

When you factor in that dedicated GPS loggers can cost upwards of 0,and that they usually block the hot-shoe so you can't use your flash, they look even less attractive – that's where Geotag Photos Pro comes in.

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