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It’s much better to receive fewer responses from people you would enjoy meeting than having a full email box but nobody you would like to meet.

If someone states in their profile they don’t like smokers and you smoke like a chimney, don’t fool yourself into thinking they will like your witty charm and ignore the smoking, it’s unlikely to happen, people put their dislikes in a profile for a reason.

Bad spelling and grammar suggests that you just can’t be bothered, it only takes a second to re-read your message or even run it through a spelling checker before you send it. Step 9 – Introduce Yourself Remember to actually introduce yourself, give them some information about you and why you are worth getting to know.

That may be in the form of a shared hobby, political views, religious beliefs or a shared love of horses but you need to include something in your message that suggests you would have something in common and are therefore worth getting to know.

It may simply be the email heading that makes them laugh or it may be an ‘in joke’ which people outside your shared interest would not understand.

Online dating should be fun, so sound like you are enjoying yourself.

now talk to them in the same conversational manner you would use to chat in real life.

Unless you have joined a site specifically for adult content then don’t send messages with suggestive comments in.Read their profile and ensure you have something in common.It is great to receive lots of emails or responses but if they are from people you have little or nothing in common with then it’s effectively junk mail, as you are unlikely to want to meet each other.You can have a first message template which you send out to people you are interested in but remember to edit it for each person you send it to.Don’t just see a photo you like the look of and start sending messages.