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This village has a lot of old mansions and is known for the Bull Festival that has been celebrated since more than two hundred years.

Near the village lay ruins of an ancient temple of Napaios Apollo and the ruins of an Ionian temple dated from the 3rd century BC.

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As a place for a holiday, for a rest or for quiet work, LESVOS is HARD to BETTER.

It is big enough to permit that change of scene so necessary if one is to avoid "island claustrophobia".

The next stop will be Skala Sikaminias, one of the most charming fishing villages one would ever see.

And then, at the northest point of the island one will find the picturesque village of Mithymna (also known as Molivos), with its mediaeval castle and the traditional architecture. By some it has been called "the closed place to paradise, on earth".