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"On arriving to Elafonisi, I was really quite amazed to see so many people at the beach. I suggested that they might like to pick a restaurant while we were driving back. I told him I was surprised to see so many people here at this time of year. "My customers asked me to join them for lunch, whcih I think was very generous of them. I told them about tsigariasto - 'I don't think I want to eat goat' - pork roast - 'I don't eat pork' - braised chicken - 'Hm, chicken is common'.

It's mid-October, and the place looked like it hadn't calmed down since the beginning of summer. The man looked around, and spotted the restaurant located on a small rise , just beyond the sandy area where the tarmac road starts.

For example, the killing of multiple trans women, and the CDC’s recent prediction that half of Black gay men will contract HIV in their lifetime hit the web and not one of the BGLOs issued a statement, or even commented on the findings, despite the rampant HIV/AIDs pandemic in the Black community. Not only are the openly gay and queer men in these organizations directly affected by this news, but turning a blind eye to the plight of a contingent of members simply to protect an organization’s image places the status of the fraternity over the welfare of those who love it.If you're coming to Hania and you need a taxi, maybe we can help you out. We had been driving mainly on country roads until then with hardly any shops. My customers were interested in the natural products, so he asked me to stop at the next seller. And as we all got back into the cab again, the stall owner called me back. We have suffered a little from over-tourism in Crete this year.For quotes and prompt service, drop me a line at: mverivaki hotmail com My husband's line of work in the taxi business usually involves mundane rides from A to B. Hot food is being served more often in Cfrete these days... The man must have used up a quarter of each bottle, splurging it all over the tsigariasto. This is the most common route that first-time tourists take when comeing to Hania: after spending three days here, they go to Iraklio, then take the ferry from there to Santorini, with Mykonos on the itinerary too. They bought wine, raki, rakomelo, thyme, oregano, marjoram, sea salt and honey, one of each item that the producer was selling on his stall. But as a Cretan I can tell you that the winter is also a wonderful time to be here too. The weather isn't always guaranteed, but you will still be blown away by Greece's beauty, history and archaeological sites are not season-dependent, and the food is still fantastic (perhaps even better). Driving is the easy part of a taxi driver's journey: what tires you out is keeping the customer entertained at the same time. The weather in the northern part of Crete does not compare to the southern part.