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Check out the list and the suggestions below for ways adults can stay informed and guide the youth in their lives.

The source for age ratings is Common Sense Media, a leading independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology. An image board (see definitions below) website where users generally post anonymously, 4chan is split into various, topic-specific boards and many popular memes (see definitions) have been originated on the site.

The standards were developed by PCO through research of federal and state regulations, consultations with industry professionals, and information from scientific publications. An initial on-site inspection to verify that your operation meets the PCO Forest Grown Standards will be conducted.

Organic certification is not required in order to be eligible to apply.

It should be noted that the PCO Forest Grown Verification Program is a stand-alone program.

[Reserved] PCO hopes to increase the non-timber forest products verified under the program to include other botanical and fungal products based on market and conservation needs.

The information provided is not exhaustive, but focuses on the trends and is updated periodically as new apps and sites emerge and others disappear. All the sites listed can be used for many constructive purposes, linking youth to their friends and interacting in positive ways.

badoo.* A free “meet up” app that connects users based on their hobbies and interests to make new friends, chat or date.

Do not assume that just because they know more than you about the specific apps that they know more than you about how to engage online in thoughtful and respectful ways.

Encourage young people to think about their personal values and actions as they relate to online spaces overall—not just specific apps.

○ What happens if my operation does not comply with the PCO Forest Grown Standards or verification program requirements?

The renewal process includes updating PCO of changes to your Forest Grown System Plan; paying the applicable renewal; and if necessary, undergoing an on-site inspection.