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In 1993 a joint Kuwaiti-French expedition found a church in Akkaz (in present Kuwait) dating to the early Abbasid era.

The church was in the eastern church style and is symmetrical to that of Failaka.

Cross designs were seen to have been impressed into the plaster flanking the doors of the structure.

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A sizable Christian presence in Eastern Arabia soon emerged thereafter.

The Book of Jonah alludes to the presence of a monastery on the Black Islands, in the southern portion of Beth Qatraye, built between 343 and 346 by a monk named Mar Zadoe.

Bishop David of Perat d'Maishan was present at the Council of Seleucia-Ctesiphon, around 325, and sailed as far as India. A Nestorian bishopric was established at Rev-ardashir, nearly opposite the island of Kharg, in Southern Persia, before the Council of Dadisho in AD 424.

The monk Jonah is said to have established a monastery in the Persian Gulf "on the shores of the black island" in the middle of the fourth century.