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When she tried to end contact, Connolly allegedly threatened to send some of the explicit videos she'd given him to her grandmother.

The harassment stopped for a while, but in January of this year, someone contacted her through a Facebook account and demanded more images of her under threat that he'd post the ones she'd previously sent him online.

According to the complaint filed in the case (.pdf), the alleged perpetrator, Patrick Connolly, 36, planted malware on victims' computers to spy on them and threatened them and family members with harm and public embarrassment if they didn't send suggestive images or perform sexually for him in front of their web cameras.

He also allegedly used his personal Paypal account to purchase and send a pair of Abercrombie & Fitch jeans and Louis Vuitton handbag to one of his victims.

They also contacted an IP address belonging to Dickerson in the U. According to the complaint, authorities initially contacted Dickerson as a potential victim in November 2005.

Agents told Dickerson his system might have been hacked by the harasser and asked permission to search his computer for evidence of an intruder. Shortly after this, the URLs that had pointed to his IP address redirected to an address in Saudi Arabia, and the communication between the victims and their attacker ceased.

He even sent her photos of himself, purportedly taken in Saudi Arabia.The Northern Ireland-born contractor and UK citizen was employed in Iraq by Tennessee-based EOD Technologies and resided on the U. military base at the Baghdad International Airport.He was arrested at an airport in Atlanta, Georgia, last week. attorney's office in Florida has not yet responded to a query from Threat Level.Connelly later allegedly created a My Space page where he posted some of the images she sent him.Another victim, who resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, told authorities she'd been harassed for several years by an anonymous perpetrator who convinced her to use her web cam to record herself performing sex acts.

Hacked web cam women from long island