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Peyker Yöreoğlu (Firdevs's eldest daughter) marries Nihat Önal.

While at their wedding, Adnan and Firdevs' youngest daughter, Bihter Yöreoğlu bond over the loss of their loved ones.

She says that she is dying and begs her mother to stop the wedding. Bihter also discovers that she is pregnant with Behlül's child, but she aborts it when she sees that Behlül is not ready to accept her. He is ashamed of himself for deceiving his fatherlike uncle and in guilt he leaves Bihter, for whom he had broken off his engagement with Elif, and gets engaged with Nihal.

A day before Behlül's wedding, Bihter asks him to run away with her but he rejects her.

Adnan falls in love with the much younger and beautiful Bihter.

Behlül, son of Adnan's cousin, moved in after his parents died in a car accident when he was young.Her mother Firdevs advices her daughter that this child will ensure Bihter's position in the Ziyagil family.Bihter explains to Adnan that his children have not accepted her yet and she wants more time before having a child.Behlül breaks up with his girlfriend Elif Meryem and comes closer to Bihter.However, he soon realizes that he is hurting his uncle and starts avoiding Bihter.