Heartline dating

A very faint love line is the sign of someone who doesn't really place a lot of importance on their emotional life.

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However, if curiosity has the best of you and you want to know more about how to read your own palm, I would suggest checking out this article.Great for a fling, but don't expect this to turn into a three-year relationship, unless you're willing to give them a lot of personal space to focus on the stuff they really care about -- stuff that is not you.There are those out there with absolutely no love line, and if you're one of those people, you won't even care, because you are f*cking ruthless.For today, we're focusing on problem areas -- because my boyfriend is leaving town for a month and I'm in a dark emotional space.To be clear, I've been studying astrology and metaphysical arts for 15 plus years, and have been doing palm readings, intuitive readings, and astrology charts for a decade. The love line is also referred to as the heart line, and it covers ALL intimate relationships, including relationships with close friends and family, so while this article focuses on romantic relationships, know that it can apply in those other areas as well.